12V Low Flow Controller

12V Low Flow Controller for the 12V Sampling Pump and the 12v Vacuum Pump.

The Low Flow Controller 12V is a voltage/Ampère changer. It can work with the 12V Submersible Sampling Pump (mod. Hydrogea) or with the 12V Vacuum Pump. It allows to vary the rotation speed of the rotor and therefore the sampling pump flow or of the vacuum pump flow. 

The controller achieves the performance indicated below only with a fully charged battery. 

Always control that the positive (+) and negative (-) polarities of the battery are respected. 

Do not use the controller in case of: liquids presence or use for prolonged periods of more than 1 continuous hour. 


It is recommended to verify that the voltage controller is not exposed to water. 

Connect the Low Flow Controller 12V to the power supply entering its male and female bipolar connectors between the 12V Sampling Pump or the 12V  Vacuum Pump and the two clips, making sure that the polarities are respected. 

Switch on the controller via the changer/switch. Switch off the circuit always via the changer/switch. 

The Low Flow Controller 12V is protected by a 12A fuse. 


  • Rated operating voltage: 12V DC

  • Maximum absorption: 10 Amp

  • Electric power: 120 W

  • Fuse: 12 A

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12V Low Flow Controller

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