Air sampling pump.

The 12V Vacuum pump is a gas booster for the bleeding and sampling of air (both atmospheric air and soil gas). 


The 12V Vacuum pump is a piston vacuum pump. It can work with the 12V Controller (mod. Hydrogea) that allows to vary the rotation speed of the rotor and therefore the flux of the vacuum pump. The aspiration system is equipped with a forced cooling system through a fan. 

Four suction sampling lines can be connected at the same time with the possibility of adjustment on each line. Three lines with  flow meter scales from 0 to 1 litre per minute, one line with a flow meter scale from 0 to 5 litres per minute. 

A sample outlet on delivery to the vacuum pump allows a possible analysis of the outgoing gases.

The pump achieves the performance indicated on the table below only with a fully charged battery. 

Controlling that the positive (+) and negative (-) polarities are respected is essential. 

It is recommended not to modify the cable length in any way. 

Do not use the vacuum pump in case of: pumping of liquids, presence of dust in the air (in this case the use of dust filters is suggested), use for prolonged periods of more than one continuous hour. 


Before use, verify that the well, the line, the gas probe (soil gas) do not present any risk of liquid drafting by the vacuum pump.

Place the case so that the lid is open and the flowmeters are in vertical position.

Connect the vacuum pump to the power supply, always making sure the respect of the polarities +/- . 

Choose a gas line (diameter 8 mm) for each flowmeter to connect and regulate each line flow. 

The suction flow varies according to the pressure drops (an increased length of the tube or the adding of an ampoule will certainly change the initial flow rate). 


  • Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 15 cm 

  • Weight: 4 kg

  • Power supply: 12V

  • Electric power consumption: 0,7 A 

  • Maximum combined flow: 8 l/min

  • Minimum flow: 0,1 l/min

  • Power autonomy: dependent on the type of battery 

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