Level switch for pumping and storage pneumatic systems.

The Pneumatic Level Switch is used with pneumatic pumping and storage systems. 

It consists of a rod connected to a float that opens/closes a valve positioned on the delivery line of compressed air towards the pneumatic pump (pneumatic submersible pump top inlet 2", pneumatic submersible pump top inlet 3", pneumatic submersible pump bottom inlet 2") or towards the active skimmer

Thereby, even without electric power in the site of the system, the pumping is stopped in case of filling of the storage tank. 

The Pneumatic Level Switch must be positioned between the source of compressed air and the pneumatic panel for pneumatic pumps

The Pneumatic Level Switch does not require electric power. 


  • Dimensions: total length = 45 cm, rod length = 35 cm (the rod length can be reduced to 15 cm) 

  • Minimum pressure: 3 bar 

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